File sender

If you are live-scouting a match in DataVolley or VolleyStation, you can use their bench/web clients to get live stats. But you can also send live updates of your match file using our file sender app. This is a small, free, cross-platform program (Windows/Mac/Linux) that monitors a volleyball scout file and sends it to a remote server when it changes. You can use this as the basis of your own custom bench client or other live analysis app.

League leaderboards

Science Untangled hosts a range of league leaderboards. These are generated from scouted match files. The statistics that we report are intended to be relatively simple, but at the same time more informative than the summaries that are reported by many official league websites.

If you have match files for your league, we can generate a leaderboard for it, hosted on our leaderboard page or embedded in your league site. Contact us for details.

API access

Science Untangled runs an API that allows developers to generate match and team reports, convert match files to csv format, generate league leaderboards, and more. Competition organisers can use these services to populate the team and player statistics sections of their league’s website. For details, please get in touch!