One of our more popular apps is the team reporting app. It produces a comprehensive report, including serving and reception, attack charts, set distributions, blocking performance, and more. Use it to scout your opposition or your own team and prepare match and training plans. You can report on report on a whole team or (despite the name of the app) just individual players.

This app aims to make it easy to generate a standard report with just a few clicks, in PDF or HTML format that you can share with your players and coaches. Isn’t intended to be endlessly flexible — the interface gives you enough options to make it work with your data, but to keep things sane it doesn’t let you do everything. If you don’t get quite what you need in this report, you can use one of our other apps that will let you delve into specific skills (setting, attacking, blocking) and explore your data interactively in much more detail.

The app has a couple of demonstration data sets that show its capabilities. Users wishing to use their own data can purchase a subscription. This allows you to work with your own data, including the ability to integrate a whole season’s worth of data into a single report. A subscription also gives you access to all of our other apps.

You can also check out an example report for PGE Skra Bełchatów from the 2017-18 Polish PlusLiga example data set.