API access

Science Untangled runs an API that allows developers to generate match and team reports, convert match files to csv format, generate league leaderboards, and more. For details, please get in touch!

The openvolley project

Much of the code that powers the Science Untangled apps is available as open-source R packages. If you are a programmer wanting to write your own analytical code and apps, this is a great place to start. These packages provide functionality for every step of the analytical pipeline:

See the openvolley GitHub pages — in particular, the datavolley package and code snippets collection.

Python users will also be interested in the pydatavolley package, which provides basic (but growing) functionality for Python.

Consulting and code development

Need a custom analysis done of your team or league? Want some assistance in writing your own analytical code? Science Untangled can help: please get in touch.